Headcanon: Physiology

I realized it’s about time I compiled a list of things Murazor can and cannot do because of his wraith state.

He can’t:

  • Sleep
  • Eat and digest
  • Drink
  • Taste
  • Feel wind
  • Feel warmth
  • Do anything relating to blood (heartbeat, pulse, bleeding, blushing)
  • Ejaculate in any productive way
  • Catch diseases
  • Bruise
  • Cry

However he can:

  • Fade (make himself less apparent and sort of rest)
  • Get tired
  • Tell when something is warmer or cooler without deriving pleasure from it
  • Become aroused (mentally)
  • Get dizzy/weak/uncomfortable
  • Feel pain
  • Feel light irritations such as tickling or poking
  • Breathe (he does not need to, but will do it from time to time out of habit. It’s not a constant rhythm, but he will gasp, and sigh, and huff, and the like)
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